1. Can I purchase a print in person?
    My limited edition pictures are only offered exclusively here on www.stlousipictures.com. A few years ago you were able to purchase in person in the St. Louis area at Poster Gallery next to Macy*s in Westfield West County Mall, however they have since closed. If you are interested in my artwork for your store, please contact me.


  1. What is the difference between the Watercolor stock and Luster Finish?
    The main difference is the Watercolor is on Watercolor stock while the Luster Finish is more of a glossy stock.
  2. Will a copyright statement be visible on the picture that I order?
    No. The copyright statement that is shown across the pictures within the gallery will not be on your picture. The statement is there only on the Web version however the picture is still copyright protected by Gregory S. Schuessler meaning you can't scan it or take pictures of it for reproduction.
  3. What will I see on the picture?
    You will see the image, text "Limited Edition Picture by Gregory S. Schuessler" in the bottom left, title of the picture in the center, and a hand-signed autograph along with the hand-signed edition number by Gregory S. Schuessler in the lower right corner below the image. Some earlier versions prior to 2007 have a small StLouisPictures.com™ logo, however this has been replaced with text saying "Limited Edition Pictures by Gregory S. Schuessler". If you have an older "Silver Series" you will see that text displayed below the title.
  4. Where are the Luster Finish Mounted on Foam Board editions?
    As of October 11, 2009, all media versions, Enhanced Textured (Watercolor) and Photo Luster (Glossy), will come with foam board however they will not be mounted so that your framing selections will be wider and depth of the picture will not be an issue.
  5. Where are the Canvas editions?
    The limited edition Canvas editions have been discontinued. If you have one they are very rare, as only a handful have been sold to the public prior to 2007. In the future I may bring back this edition.